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Fun & Informative Tour

We enjoyed seeing the behind-the-scenes activity that happens in making chocolate treats. The staff spent time explaining everything thoroughly and answered all of our questions. We enjoyed sampling the various products before we purchased some to take home.


I really enjoyed this bar, highly recommended!

Much-appreciated gift

This was from a three-month subscription I bought for my sister, since we both love gourmet chocolate. Her thoughts: "A very good, rich dark chocolate. Very high-quality, a credit to the Maverick brand. I would definitely recommend."

The most awaited parcel of the month!!!!

I am totally spoiled! Cannot eat (almost) any other chocolate other than the Delicious Belize…. Thank you for my monthly delivery and for the lovely thoughtful thank you note you write every time.

Add Custom Gift Box
Mackenzie Kirkman

Add Custom Gift Box

Café Mocha
M Robinson
So impressed!

We have fallen in love with these chocolates. I have some of my coworkers in love with them too! These are the best chocolates I’ve ever had (and I lived in Belgium for 3 years. My local chocolate shop was the one the King brought the Pope to visit!). Even the flavors I don’t think we would like (white chocolate lemon lavender?) have been delicious! Keep it up!

80% Tanzania Dark Chocolate

Cafe Au Lait White Chocolate
James W Endicott

The combination of chocolate and coffee is just gastronomical magic!

Love your chocolates, I keep ordering this one ever since I first tasted it. I also appreciate your wonderful customer service and responsiveness.

Build Your Own Gift Box
Wendi Bukowitz
Best Cincy Gift

Everyone loves to get this sweet gift from Cincy.

A dark Turkish delight bar!!!

This is a dark Turkish delight bar.
The chocolate and coffee are perfectly balanced in this deeply delicious Maverick bar.
The Ruya coffee is pronounced without being overbearing.

Sugar Free Dark Chocolate
Kathryn Ahlers

I purchased 3 of the sugar free chocolate bars as a birthday treat for my diabetic father-in-law who lives out of state. He was thrilled to receive the chocolate and texted me immediately to tell me the chocolate was extraordinary! My father-in-law is a world traveler and said that he never expected to encounter another chocolate as fantastic as the one he had when visiting Belgium, but THIS was even better. Will be ordering again!

Good food award set

My nephew in Montana was very happy with his Easter gift of the award chocolate bars, he says they are delicious.

Dark Chocolate Bunny
Theresa Hubbard
Best Bunny

My daughter has allergies to milk and soy. It is so hard to find cute shaped chocolates for her. Maverick has been my go to, the last 2 years, for Easter to get her a cute bunny for her Easter basket. Thank you Maverick.

Perfect for Easter!

Our daughter are the majority of this solid bunny in one sitting! It was delicious, and great to have an ethically sourced option for the holiday.

Dark Chocolate Bunny
Julie Rumberger
So delicious

Our favorite chocolate!

Gift Box
Ruth Sikorski
A great gift for a best friend!

Whenever my fiend is in need of a pick-me-up or has a special occasion coming up, or just because…. Your chocolates are sure to please. But most especially your truffles!!! Perfect in every way! Little nuggets of heaven in a bonbon.

Gift Message
Marla Smoot
Easter gift

Chocolate arrived in Butte, MT in great condition and on time. As always the chocolate was by far the best and loved by my nephew.

Curated Truffle Box
Michael Vitale
High quality chocolate. Absolutely delicious.

Always wonderful. My only suggestion for these would be giving a choice of things to avoid in case of dietary restrictions.

Curated Truffle Box
Peter Duff
Serendipitous selection!

I live in Winnipeg, Canada and searched chocolatiers in Cincinnati to send a thank you to some colleagues living there. Maverick Chocolates had a great web site and beautiful gift options. I made an online order and the owners delivered a beautiful box of delicious truffles to my colleagues! Turns out the owners have roots in Winnipeg!! What sweet serendipity!!!


This chocolate is sooo amazing it almost didn’t make it home.

Spring Time

Amazing smelling and tasting. I was anxious to try a sample after seeing it on the shelf. I was pleasantly surprised how delicious it was. Not super sweet and no flavor was over powering. Reminded of spring time.

Dark chocolate bunny.

Order these every year, best chocolate we've ever had.

Creamy richness

This may be the best chocolate ever — creamy, rich as a cup of hot chocolate at Angelina’s in Paris. Memorable!


This chocolate was recommended to us and we are so glad we tried it. Truly delicious!