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A Sugar Free Chocolate Brings Smiles

My son's best friend introduced Maverick chocolates to me not long before my oversea trip to visit my family. The steadfast calmness and pure joy I tasted from those chocolates gave me the idea of sharing them with my family. I was confident with the chocolates I selected for every family member but my mom, because she has diabetes and normally dislikes the aftertaste of sugar substitutes. Watching her not-so-convincingly to try her first piece of Maverick Sugar Free Dark Chocolate and then to form a broad smile on her face is a very rewarding experience. Thank you, Maverick Chocolate, for your exceptional product that brings not just sweetness but also the satisfaction of chocolate tasting back to my mom's life.

Drinking Chocolate Mix
Susan Potter
Drinking Chocolate Mix

It is the most delicious Drinking Chocolate Mix ever.

Good chocolate!

Please don’t ever go out of business! I drink nice scotch and I eat good chocolate. I have found both and I don’t like change.

Mothers Day Gift.

Mom really enjoyed them.

Delicious artisan chocolate!

The Maverick Vietnam Dark chocolate is superb. Subtle, rich chocolate with a lightly fruity flavor. A nice bite. And smooth and creamy mouth feel.

60% Dark Milk Chocolate
Julie Jackson

There is no better chocolate in the world. Seriously.

65% Dark chocolate bunny.

Absolutely amazing! Some of the best chocolate I've ever eaten. All of the organic products that they use make the chocolate taste so unbelievable! Will definitely be ordering again!

Excellent chocolate and very fast service!

Fahrenheit 513

I love the flavors and quality; paired nicely with bourbon on ice.

80% Tanzania Dark Chocolate
Mary Louise Hutson
Tanzania Dark Chocolate

Very good - almost on par with the Vietnam Dark Chocolate. Not quite as smooth.

Always great!

Good chocolate and great service

If only all eggs were so amazing!!

What more could I hope for? Maverick's incredible lemon white chocolate eggs are perfect for hiding inside Easter eggs around the house and yard. Hmmm-- fascinating how that pile of colorful foil wrappers kept growing next to me as I loaded eggs for hiding...huh--wonder how that happened?!?!?

Sugar Free Dark Chocolate

75% Vietnam Dark Chocolate
Mary Louise Hutson
Vietnam Dark Chocolate Bar

A very rich intense chocolate flavor.

Delicious little snacks!

These rich, dark chocolate mini bars are delicious. The bars are smooth and perfectly mixed. The chocolate has a nice little snap as you bite into it and melts perfectly in your mouth, with a full notes of cocoa and a touch of fruit. Very satisfying for a wonderful afternoon snack!

Chocolate made from cacao grown by our Hawaii friends!

We were recently in Hawaii and toured the Mauna Kea cacao farm where the cacao for this chocolate bar is grown. It was such fun to be able to enjoy the "fruits of their labor"! Maverick has done a great job highlighting their Hawaiian cacao.

It was perfect and beautifully packaged. I appreciate that a lot along with the good communication regarding receiving the order and shipping/ delivery of it. Thank you so much!

Café Mocha
Erika Demaio



This bar, a family favorite, is smooth and creamy with wonderful layers of subtle flavors. It’s such a decadent treat to enjoy a few pieces of this bar in the afternoon with a nice cup of tea or coffee!

Prohibition Milk Chocolate
Larry Reinhard

I love the crunchy salt pieces in this bar. For a milk chocoalte this is a killer bar! That's a good thing!

Amazing flavors and service

I’m addicted to the Vietnam chocolate! I ordered six to keep me going. Yummmm!
I made a mistake ordering and Maverick was quick to remedy my problem. Thank you all.

60% Dark Milk Chocolate
Karen Hatton

60% Dark Milk Chocolate

Gift Box
Great Valentines Gift

Girlfriend loved them. Highly recommend to anyone who values good chocolate

70% Belize Dark Chocolate
Katrina Woodske
Awesome chocolate

I am a huge fan of bean to bar chocolate and this never disappoints!