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Best Dark Chocolate

I walked into Maverick chocolate shop in Cincinnati and was forever changed!! This is some of the very best chocolate I have ever had! I am now a life long fan!

Best Chocolate!

This chocolate goes great with wine! Will order again!

Prohibition Milk Chocolate
Constance Livingston

Purchased them for a gift. They were awesome. Thank you

Rüya Turkish Coffee
Belinda Moul
Start me up

I love this coffee! It has such good flavor, and it’s very smooth.

Lemon Lavender White Chocolate
Newsletter Subscriber

My sister loved this white chocolate with a lemony flavor that had lavender flowers interspersed, increasing the delight of my gift to her. Delicious!

Cocoa Powder
Nick Rook
Cocoa Powder!

My favorite thing is to use this in homemade hot chocolate, just add a little bit of sugar and maybe melt some squares of maverick chocolate in the mug too. Rich and delicious!


Perfect chocolatey, peanut-buttery combo! I'm obsessed!

Peanut Butter Chocolate

This is an excellent, delicious bar. I was expecting a little more peanut butter presence based on the description.

Ruya chocolate bar

My favorite Maverick coffee-flavored bar has a perfect balance of Turkish coffee and dark chocolate. I love it when sipping coffee.

The clusters were great with a quality dark chocolate. The price was a little bit above what I would pay as a repeated treat. A good first time though.

Coffe & dark chocolate- what more can you ask for.

Great combination. Best chocolate available. High quality. It’s how I spoil myself.

Hawaiian Coffee Dark Chocolate

WOW!!! Smooth and flavorful. Still have 2 more to try.

Prohibition Bar for the non bourbon lover. :-)

I first discovered this bar down at Maverick in Findley Market. I'm not a fan of bourbon, but tried a sample down there out of curiosity and was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. This has become my go to bar at Maverick and I treat to myself to it whenever I'm at Findley or Rookwood.

Prohibition Milk Chocolate
Jennifer Miller
A perfect combination

Rich combination of flavors that meld perfectly. I normally find milk chocolate too sugary, but this bar is smooth and creamy, perfectly blended and a pleasure. Well done, Maverick!

Coconut Clusters
Adam Goldman

Coconut Clusters

Fabulous Chocolate! Fabulous Company!

A friend of mine sent me a gift of several chocolates and one was better than the next. Also, the customer service is superb! I emailed asking a question about the chocolate and got a lovely response in less than 24 hours. Wonderful experience all around! - Stacy (Connecticut)


All of the chocolate is amazing, obviously. But the lemon lavender is unlike anything I’ve ever had. Melt in your mouth amazing


So, so, so good! This is my favorite (co-favorite, along with Prohibition)! Smooth, creamy white chocolate, flavorful lavender and not too much lemon/citrus so as to have a pungent bite. I made the mistake of wanting to share the wealth and giving all the ones I ordered away ... now I must order more!

Coconut Clusters
John Frank
Outstanding chocolate right in Cincy

Maverick is as good if not better than chocolate from Switzerland, France or


Great balance with the dark chocolate and slivers of coconut. Each bite you take has that dark chocolate tartness with a little more than just a hint of coconut. If looking for well crafted ethically sourced chocolate, check out Maverick and these coconut clusters.

bar chocolate

have purchased multiple chocolate bars on multiple occasions without any disappointments. I shall continue to buy.

Cocoa Powder
Susan S
Awesome stuff!

Best cocoa powder on the market! You’ll never go back to Hershey’s brand after using this incredible stuff!

Seriously awsome

I love spicy stuff, this did not disappoint, first heat is felt in the back of the throat and keeps building to a delightful burn. In the middle of the experience there are lots of citrus notes and other more subtle flavors, after the chocolate is gone a fine fire remains on the tongue and top of the mouth.

Smooth & Rich

Maverick chocolates should be placed on the tongue and let them happen (don't chew it). The 65% Espresso has no bite or bitterness just the smooth rich taste of the coffee and chocolate. A pleasant treat.

My hubby’s favorite!

The spicy kick is soooooo good!