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Smooth & Rich

Maverick chocolates should be placed on the tongue and let them happen (don't chew it). The 65% Espresso has no bite or bitterness just the smooth rich taste of the coffee and chocolate. A pleasant treat.

My hubby’s favorite!

The spicy kick is soooooo good!

Love it so much we ordered more!

Got a variety of bars for Fathers day, my son and I liked the Made Like Iron Hawaiian Coffee bar so much we ordered more!

Great chocolate bar!

The cocoa nibs in this bar add a nice bit of crunch and make for a fantastic chocolate bar!

Sugar Free Dark Chocolate
Theodore Steiner
Excellent Dark Sugar Free Chocolat

I bought Maverick’s sugar free Dark Chocolate Bar wanting to see how good a bar with so few ingredients could be. I was astonished how wonderful the bar tasted and how great a mouth feel was created.
Great Chocolate Bar

Coconut Clusters
Tammi Chalfie

The coconut clusters are amazing!


Incredible, high quality chocolate. Definitely will be buying more

Rüya Turkish Coffee
Michael A Leenellett
Rüya Turkish coffee

Strong, but not bitter, chocolate notes. Smooth

A pleasant confluence of two bitternesses.

Nicely packaged, too. I was pleased to offer it as a gift to a valued person. I ordered one for myself. The chocolate was somewhat warm when delivered, but not a total mess.

All of the bars and truffles I bought were incredibly delicious. The quality of the ingredients can be tasted in every bite. Thanks for making such a great product.

White chocolate

I love white chocolate. The cocoa nibs detracted, in my opinion.

Gift box

This gift box is so perfect! It’s very fancy and makes the chocolate gift even better. It fits up to 3 bars comfortable but I managed 4 bars and still made it work by retying the black ribbon. 10/10 would recommend adding it to your chocolate order!

Best Chocolate EVER

.I've never tasted anything as heavenly!

White Chocolate with Cocoa Nibs

Sugar free Dark Chocolate

Good chocolate / still like the Belize Chocolate they have better


Store smells great. Friendly staff. Good chocolate.

Best chocolate ever!

We fell in love with Maverick Chocolate while living in Cincinnati. We moved to Florida. I’m so happy they will ship it to us now! Hard to pick a favorite because we haven’t disliked one yet.

I never used to eat much dark chocolate. The Medical community has been praising the benefits of dark chocolate and after trying Maverick 70% Belize, I'm hooked. The other flavors are very but as good and the ginger is now my favorite but I eat the Belize daily. These are truly great products. The care in producing is obvious. Thank you Maverick!

The real thing!

I wanted cocoa powder, not cocoa mix, that I could reasonably hope is from slavery free and sustainable sources, and Maverick Chocolate provided it. Plus it tastes good.


Simply amazing! Love it, love it, love it. One of the best white chocolate I have ever tried. After the first bite, it is very hard to resist.


It is really hot yet it presents a good evolution of flavor. The beginning is sweet and delicately spicy, then the chili power shows up with a hint of fruitiness.

Madagascar 65%

One of the most pleasant Madagascar dark I have ever tried. What a delicious surprise!!!

Cocoa Nibs
Larry Clarke

The big island bar was my favorite bar out of the five I bought. All were excellent, I will reorder again.

Drinking Chocolate Mix
Galina Ponomareva
Love it


Simply Amazing

The soft, sweet peanut butter compliments the Maverick dark chocolate perfectly!