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A must try!

I’m a chocolate snob and this stuff does NOT disappoint. Run, don’t walk, to get some or you may find I’ve bought it all.

65% Madagascar Dark Chocolate

Love it

This is the first time I get chocolate that is not Hershey/Cadbury. I loved it. You can tell that it is high quality chocolate.. I can’t wait to get more of it..

Great chocolate.

Since they no longer make Morropan Dark chocolate, this is my favorite 65% dark chocolate.

My Husband’s Favorite

This is my husband’s absolute favorite chocolate! He was very excited that the Easter bunny brought him a bar this year!

Best Dark Chocolate I Have Ever Had!!

Literally the best dark chocolate I have ever tasted. Despite the large amount of great reviews for this chocolate, they do no justice for how amazing this chocolate truly is. You have to try it for yourself! Officially my #1 Dark Chocolate. I Recommend it to everyone!

Chocolate good; erythritol bad.

Ate the whole bar (of course) and the sugar alcohol sweetener gave me stomach problems. Tasted fine, though.

Dark Chocolate Eggs
Dark Chocolate Eggs

The best we've ever had!!

Dark Chocolate Eggs
Very Intense & Dark!

We enjoyed these bite-sized eggs. Intense and rich, very creamy if you let them melt in your mouth slowly. (I know, hard not to eat in 1 bite!) My teen daughter preferred the milk chocolate bunny version but we both love all of Maverick’s offerings! Quick delivery!

Dark Chocolate Eggs
The best chocolate

Was excited to get these for my family. They were delicious and the delivery was prompt.

70% Belize Dark Chocolate

So good! I’ll be back for more!

Dark Chocolate Bunny
Best Chocolate Bunny Ever

We are huge fans of Maverick Chocolate bars. We have tried nearly all of them. We were so excited to find out Maverick was turning the delicious chocolate we love into fun Easter treats. We don’t buy a lot of candy so when we do we love the quality of yours! Our kids love the bunnies and the eggs!❤️

Dark Chocolate Eggs

The moment these went on sale, I bought a bag for everyone in the house. No more sickeningly-sweet store-bought chocolates for us this year! Now we can know that our dollars are doing good instead of harm– AND that we'll get some delightfully tart dark chocolate in the bargain.

80% Tanzania Dark Chocolate

Amazing! My current favorite!

Milk Chocolate Eggs
Chocolate Eggs



Great depth of flavor and the texture is perfect.

Milk Chocolate Eggs
Chocolate that tastes good and is so fun!

We didpairings of all your chocolates with port, rum and whiskey! So creamy! Indescribable wonderful taste for the discerning chocolate lover!

Milk Chocolate Eggs

Everything we buy from Maverick is excellent. Indulge yourself!!!

Best Chocolate

Great Sugar Free Chocolate The taste is great. Much better then any sugar free chocolate that I have ever had.

A Findlay Market Destination

An adventure in quality chocolate, Maverick is our go to place for gifts for all of our out-of-town friends. The quality, care, and expressiveness in the variety of their bars is truly scrumptious. Our go to is the prohibition bar: creamy, a hint of sea salt, and a quiet moment to savor and enjoy.

This one may be my favorite one ! It’s already a rich bar, but the nibs add some delicious earthy cocoa notes. Very highly recommended !


I discovered Maverick Chocolate on a trip with my sisters and brother-in-law a few years ago and I have been in love ever since. Now every time we are traveling remotely close to Cincinnati we have to stop in to at least get some hot chocolate and smell the wonderful smell of chocolate in their store. Since we haven't been traveling for a while due to the pandemic, my sister and I decided to order some hot chocolate to have at home! It was really easy to place our order and it arrived quickly! I can almost pretend I'm walking into the store when I drink my mug of hot chocolate. Wonderful!

Exquisite! Perfectly lovely!!!

The temper is fantastic! The flavor is perfect. Lovely creaminess and subtle elegant qualities. To be savored.

Superior results in baking

Maverick organic cocoa powder has become my first choice when baking. Cakes and brownies have a richer depth of flavor. Quality ingredients yield quality end products.

Fine quality chocolate

This was a gift for my son & daughter. Both loved the balance of heat, and sweetness, and the creaminess of the chocolate.