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About Us

Maverick Chocolate is a family owned and operated bean-to-bar craft chocolate company. We make chocolate the old fashioned way from ethically sourced cocoa beans to finished chocolate bars, truffles, and drinks.

Our Family

Paul Picton (Dad) Co-Owner, Operations, Chocolate Maker

Marlene Picton (Mom) Co-Owner, Chocolate Maker, Chocolatier

Ben Picton (Son) Co-Owner, Chocolate Maker, Sales & Marketing

Scott Picton (Son) Chocolate Maker and Equipment Maintenance

Maverick Chocolate family owners Paul Marlene Picton and son Ben Picton at a cacao farm.

Why Maverick?

Maverick: a person who takes a stand independent of others in a group. Adj. unorthodox, unconventional, nonconformist

We dreamt of opening a family business for years. The adventure, the risk, and the freedom called to all of us. Not to mention our maverick mindset of questioning the status quo and standing up for what we believe in. Entrepreneurship was right for us, but we needed a common focus.

Over the years we’ve started a variety of businesses, but the subject was always on one person’s interest. One day in the Spring of 2013 we had an epiphany– the perfect business to fit our family.

Why Chocolate?

I, Paul, traveled around the world as an engineer for many years; always returning home to Marlene with new and interesting chocolate. The more chocolate we tried, the more interested we became in how chocolate was grown and made.

When my travel stopped early 2013, Marlene and I soon finished our supply of chocolate. We were sitting at the kitchen island when the idea struck–let’s make our own world-class chocolate right here in Cincinnati.

After transforming our kitchen into a chocolate factory, we invited our friends over for a number of chocolate tastings. Everyone was impressed and the demand for our chocolate grew.

We decided to take the leap and started Maverick Chocolate Company. Our first shop opened in 2014 at Findlay Market in Cincinnati, Ohio. Thanks to your support in 2018 we opened our second location at Rookwood Commons in Cincinnati. Using only ethically sourced cacao beans, we hand craft our chocolate in small batches from bean to the finished bar. Customers are encouraged to watch and smell the chocolate being made and to taste the final products.

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