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Ruya Turkish Coffee Dark Chocolate

2021 Good Food Award Winner - Rüya x Maverick collaboration bar!

We handcrafted this chocolate bar to revive the 500-year-old tradition of Turkish coffee, and bridge two cultures (Turkish and American). Each small-batch is made with organic, Fair Trade Rüya coffee, cocoa beans, and cardamom.

Ingredients: Organic cocoa beans, Organic cane sugar, Organic cocoa butter, OrganicRüya Coffee beans, Cardamom.

Allergy Information: May contain traces of peanuts, tree nuts, wheat and milk products due to shared equipment. Soy free. Vegan.

Rüya Coffee
Cincinnati, OH

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Jennifer Bedinghaus

Excellent chocolate and very fast service!

Visa Cardholder

Absolutely excellent, wonderful chocolate! A special treat!

Good Chocolate, Good Business

Good Chocolate, Good Business

Janice Marie Foote
A dark Turkish delight bar!!!

This is a dark Turkish delight bar.
The chocolate and coffee are perfectly balanced in this deeply delicious Maverick bar.
The Ruya coffee is pronounced without being overbearing.

Kevin K.
Delicious decadence; spiced herbal bitterness and thick, mouthcoating squares from heaven

Each square is so densely complex and rich, well balanced with espresso-like depth and zip alongside the deep, creamy and thick chocolate. The cardamom comes as a spicy, herbal, earthen flavor, a very green-cardamom like flavor. Almost like taking a bike of a whole pod and pairing it with some sipping chocolate- it's very present and very in your nose, but is carried through your mouth with the creamy cholocately mix. I really like this one. Can only really enjoy 2 squares at a time, but that just means it lasts longer!