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Our Chocolate

At this time we do not have the nutritional facts for any of our products. 

Yes we do! You can view our sugar-free dark chocolate here.

Allergy statement: May contain traces of peanuts, tree nuts, wheat and milk products due to shared equipment. Soy free.

There are no gluten ingredients in our chocolate products. That said we are not certified gluten free. We make and bake cookies in our stores so there is gluten in the facility.

We use nuts in our truffles and some chocolate products. Most chocolate bars do not contain nut ingredients but may contain traces due to shared equipment.

Our milk and white chocolates do contain milk. Any shared equipment is cleaned after using milk to minimize cross contamination. View our vegan options here.

Soy-lecithin is not an ingredient in any of our products.

Our facility is not certified organic but all of our cocoa beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter and cocoa powder is certified organic.

We are not certified Fair Trade. We believe that Fair Trade has done a great job of making known the problems in exploiting farmers around the world. We also believe that more needs to be done. We go beyond Fair Trade by paying well above Fair Trade prices, directly to our farmers, Co-ops, and our two distributor partners. Some call it Direct Trade or Transparent Trade. We call it Fair For All Chocolate.

We use organic cane sugar from Global Organics. We contacted the farm to confirm that this is vegan sugar (no bone char used in it’s production). 

Shipping & Returns

We charge a flat rate of $6.95 for shipping in the US. We offer free shipping for US orders over $49 which is automatically applied at checkout.

For shipping to Canada the shipping cost will be calculated at checkout.

Orders placed before 10am are shipped on the same day depending on the weather conditions. See below for details.

During cooler weather (Below 70º):

We pack and ship orders Monday through Friday.

Orders under 1 lbs. are sent with USPS First Class. (1 to 4 Days)

Orders over 1 lbs. are sent with USPS Priority Mail. (1 to 3 Days)

During warm weather (Above 70º):

We pack and ship orders ONLY Monday through Wednesday. 

All orders are sent with USPS Priority Mail. (1 to 3 Days)

There are two ways to track your order. 

After checkout add your order to the Shop app (formerly known as Arrive app) with the link in your order confirmation.

USPS tracking numbers are sent to your email once your package is shipped. You will also receive a delivery confirmation email on the day of delivery.

Yes, we accept returns or exchanges. If you are unsatisfied with your order or if your chocolate melted in route please let us know. Send us a message at

Yes we do! It's no small feat but over the years and hundreds of orders we've got it down. Following are a few measures we take:

When it's warm out (over 70º) we only ship Monday through Wednesday to avoid your chocolate being delayed in transit over the weekend. All orders are upgraded to Priority Mail which delivers in one to three days.Your chocolate is chilled for a few hours before final packing. Ice packs are included as needed.Chocolate and ice are wrapped with thermal bubble wrap. All seams are taped shut to create an airtight seal.

Please make sure someone is home to receive your chocolate so it doesn't sit on your porch in the sun all day.

We cannot guarantee chocolate will not melt for international orders.


We are located two doors down from Eli's BBQ on the south side of Findlay Market near Elm street.

129 West Elder Street

Cincinnati, OH 45202


Monday: Closed

Tue - Fri: 9am to 6pm

Saturday: 8am to 6pm

Sunday: 10am to 4pm

(513) 381-0561

Find us at Rookwood Commons outdoor shopping mall in-between REI and Victoria's Secret.

2651 Edmondson Road

Cincinnati, OH 45209


Mon - Sat: 10am to 9pm

Sunday: 12pm to 6pm

(513) 834-8369

We offer factory tours at our Rookwood Commons location only.

Free public tours are conducted at our Rookwood Commons location Monday through Friday at 2pm. 

Private, group tours are available. There will be a small tour fee per person. Due to the size of our facility we can accommodate around fifteen people at a time. Larger groups will be split up into two or three smaller groups. Please contact 

At this time we do not offer any classes. We’re open to your ideas though! Send us a message and let us know what kind of classes you would enjoy.

About Us

Mavericks are unorthodox, unconventional, or independent-minded people. This is the spirit behind what we are doing with chocolate.

The unique flying machines on our packages are a depiction of mavericks from flying history. 

The flying theme comes from our family background. Paul loved airplanes as a child. By age 15 he even earned his pilot's license. After serving in the Air Force he built a career as an aerospace engineer. In the later half of his career he traveled around the world, visiting Europe once a month. During this time he started a tradition of always returning home to Marlene with fine chocolate.

We believe that business has the potential to solve the world’s problems. For our business, sales and profit are the fuel we need to survive but the heart and soul of Maverick is our commitment to improving the lives of our employees, local community, and cacao farming families.

Our local partner is with Our Daily Bread to provide meals to the homeless in Over-The-Rhine, Cincinnati.

Our international partner is with Agros International to empower cacao farmers with the opportunity to own their farmland and create general change.

We also directly support our cacao farmers through our Fair For All Chocolate initiative. Through our program, we pay over double the price of the Fairtrade minimum price for organic cacao at $2700 per metric ton.

Chocolate 101

Cocoa beans are the fermented and dried seeds from a cacao pod, the fruit of the cacao tree.

Cacao grows all around the world about 20 degrees north and south of the equator. For reference, Hawaii is about as far north as cacao will grow outdoors. Cacao is thought to be originally native to the upper Amazon region which contains Ecuador, Colombia, and Peru.

Cacao beans and cocoa beans are the same things but they describe different stages of their processing. Cacao is the raw, unroasted state. Cacao becomes cocoa after it has been roasted. Cacao beans go in the roaster and cocoa beans pour out.

That said, some will use the terms interchangeably. Cacao is also the Spanish form of the English word cocoa.

Chocolate that contains 35% or more by weight of cocoa bean, cocoa powder, and/or cocoa powder combined.

Chocolate that contains 12% or more by weight of milk powder. 

Chocolate that contains at least 35% or more by weight of cocoa bean and 12% or more by weight of milk powder. Our 60% dark milk chocolate bar is 60% cocoa bean and cocoa butter and at least 12% milk powder. So, the chocolate is dark and it has milk. We create this by lowering the amount of sugar in the recipe.

Chocolate that is made with cocoa butter but not the whole cocoa bean or cocoa powder. Cocoa butter is the oil from a cocoa bean. A cocoa bean is made up of cocoa butter and cocoa powder.

It depends. We classify our white chocolate as chocolate because the main ingredient is cocoa butter which is part of the cocoa bean. There are white chocolates also known as white melting wafers, white confection, etc. that do not contain cocoa butter, therefore that is not really chocolate.

Cocoa powder is the solid matter of the cocoa bean. It’s commonly used in baking and to make hot cocoa drinks.

Cocoa butter is the oil from a cocoa bean. There is no “butter” or milk product in cocoa butter. It was given the name butter because cocoa butter is solid at room temperature.

The percent of chocolate refers to the percentage of cocoa bean, including cocoa powder and cocoa butter, by weight of a recipe. For example a 70% dark chocolate contains 70% cocoa bean product by weight. So, a 65g bar of 70% dark chocolate contains 45.5g of cocoa bean product (includes any combination of cocoa beans, cocoa powder, and cocoa butter).

It is a myth that a higher percentage of cocoa means the chocolate is higher quality.

Chocolate is best stored in a cool (60º to 70º), dry environment. Keep it out of the sun. And no, storing chocolate in the fridge is not a good idea because of the high humidity. Moisture can cause the sugar to rise to the surface, called sugar bloom. This affects the appearance and texture of the chocolate.

Chocolate that is made from cocoa beans to the finished chocolate bar product by one maker. This often refers to small-scale chocolate makers.

Chocolate makers are those that make chocolate from raw cacao beans. Chocolate makers are quite rare. 

Chocolatiers buy chocolate and melt it down to make truffles, confections, bonbons, bars, etc. Most chocolate shops in the world are chocolatiers that buy their chocolate from a chocolate manufacturer.

At Maverick Chocolate we are chocolate makers and chocolatiers. We source and import raw cacao beans and make chocolate from them. Our chocolatiers use the chocolate we make to create truffles and confections.