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Lemon Lavender White Chocolate

2019 International Award Winner. 2019 Chocolate Salon Award.

Enjoy our white chocolate gently flavored with lemon and sprinkled with lavender.

Ingredients: White chocolate (organic cocoa butter, milk powder, organic cane sugar, vanilla beans), lemon oil, lavender.

Allergy Information: May contain traces of peanuts, tree nuts, and wheat due to shared equipment. Soy free.

Net weight 2.3 oz (65 g).

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Excellent flavor combination.

My parents purchased the Lemon Lavender White Chocolate bar for me for my birthday and wow. It was so tasty. It turned me into a Maverick Chocolate lifer.

Spring Time

Amazing smelling and tasting. I was anxious to try a sample after seeing it on the shelf. I was pleasantly surprised how delicious it was. Not super sweet and no flavor was over powering. Reminded of spring time.

L. A. L.

The name of this white chocolate sounds more like a room freshener, however, it is quite delicious! I am NOT a fan of white chocolate but my husband really likes white chocolate. We were in the store at Rookwood (visiting from out of town) and decided to taste the Lemon-Lavender. Wow ... what a treat! Truly unique and quite delicious. What I don’t usually like about white chocolate is the heavy sweetness. This white chocolate does not fall in that category. Try it! I did!

Visa Cardholder
Lemon Lavender White Chocolate

The flavors of lavender and lemon are well balanced and the acidity of lemon cuts the sweetness of the white chocolate to give a delicious treat.

Susan K
Delicious, light and smooth

Maverick Chocolate hit the mark with their Lemon Lavender White Chocolate. It has a smooth, uplifting, unique blend without being overpowering. One of my favorites!