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Gianduja Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

Gianduja is the traditional name for hazelnut and chocolate confections. Gianduja is named after a marionette character who represents the Piedmont region of Italy where Gianduja originated.

We made a lot of test batches before we created what we think is the perfect recipe. We wanted an equal balance of hazelnut and chocolate flavor and spreadability without using artificial or lecithin ingredients.

Ingredients: 45% hazelnuts, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa powder, organic cocoa beans, hazelnut oil.

***Like all natural nut spreads, separation may occur. The oils from the hazelnuts and chocolate can separate and bloom on the surface in a starburst formation. This happens to all real chocolate products when not in solid tempered form. The gianduja is not bad, simply heat and/or stir.

Allergy Information: May contain traces of peanuts, tree nuts, wheat and milk due to shared equipment. Soy free. Vegan.

Net Wt. 8 oz. (227G)