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French-Style Drinking Chocolate Recipe

I love that chocolate is part of daily life in the French culture. This starts with breakfast where le chocolat chaud, or hot chocolate, is as popular as coffee. Before we get into the specifics of French-style hot chocolate let’s discuss the difference between hot chocolate and hot cocoa.   Hot chocolate vs. hot cocoa is one of those things that is obvious but you never think about until someone explains it. Hot chocolate is made with chocolate and hot cocoa is made with cocoa powder. The difference is cocoa butter which makes hot chocolate rich and creamy. Unfortunately hot chocolate and hot cocoa are often used interchangeably which is why we’ve created the term ‘drinking chocolate’ to distinguish true hot chocolate.   French-style drinking chocolate is simply high quality chocolate and milk. It’s so simple, yet that’s what makes it stand out. It is thick and rich from the high ratio of chocolate to milk but still drinkable. And with only two ingredients the quality of chocolate stands out.   Another popular way to make hot chocolate is Italian or Spanish-style–known for being so thick “your spoon will stand in it.” This effect is created by the addition of…

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